Craig's Hotdog Buns

Ever wanted something besides the usual dead-tasting-no-fiber-white-flour hotdog bun? Ever wanted a whole-grain or even a whole-grain rye hotdog bun? Me too! Try and find them at your local supermarket and you will most likely be disappointed. Enter this recipe; it takes only about 30 minutes to get these babies into the oven, and then about 20-45 minutes raising, and 15-20 minutes baking. That's just a scant hour and a half before you're slathering the Gulden's, try it!

You will notice in the ingredient listing below that I don't give you the usual "x-x½ cups of flour or gluten". To me the secret of well-risen, soft and light whole-grain bread is the liquid-to-dry ratio of the dough. Flour measured by volume is notorious for it's highly variable results, one time great, and not the next. Digital kitchen scales are inexpensive these days, give one a try, there's a lot of uses, such as dividing the dough into 8 or 10 equal parts, I use this one.

One more thing...If this recipe sounds like an ad for Kitchen-Aid stand mixers, ovens, or microwaves ...No, I'm not at all affiliated with them and it's really not intentional. It's just that these are the appliances that I have and use day-to-day, and with them I know this recipe is highly repeatable as I've repeated it numerous times with nearly identical results. If you don't have a Superba convection oven with a "raising bread" feature, or a temperature probe equipped microwave, use your common sense and substitute equal techniques, ie: a standard thermometer to check the water temp or turning your standard oven on for 2 minutes and then back off and then adding the pan of boiling water to the top rack to simulate the 100° "raising bread" setting of my oven. If, on the other hand you don't have the stand-mixer, I suggest you be content with plain 'ole store-bought-white hotdog buns, it's just way too much work to mix/knead the heavy whole-grain dough by hand.

The 10 bun recipe with a Hebrew National 1/4 pounder ready to go, along with of course, the Gulden's. [click to enlarge]

now THIS is the right frank-to-bun ratio! [click to enlarge]


Makes 8 larger or 10 smaller hotdog buns



When things go wrong...

These stinkin' buns stick to the cookie sheet!
The buns aren't big enough
The buns don't taste "right"