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House of Craig


This site started out (and continues) as a place for me to experiment with the web. Originally, it was hosted by the free web-hosting services of MSN's TalkCity and Lycos' AngelFire and all I would do was try new things with HTML and CSS. After about a year, I was ready to do some of the server-side-only things I had been reading about, things like CGI programming and even a brief fling with SSI. Rather than pay a monthly fee to one of the many professional hosting services available, who would then give me access to the server-side of things, and since I had an always-on cable connection and a machine to spare, I decided to set up and operate my own server. The decision to go with >Linux and the Apache webserver software was a no-brainer, steeper learning curve aside, both are free and well-proven, as a matter of fact the Apache webserver is used by more websites world-wide than all other servers combined, and has had that distinction for years.

This site is hosted by the good folks over at W.H.F.I.. I've been with them since November of 2002 and I can tell you the uptime is phenomenal; They are very quick to get your domain name and hosting up and running, the phone support takes you directly to a real person, none of that "press 1.." stuff. The email support is also outstanding, in fact the responses are so quick coming back it's almost like chatting live, and last but absolutely not least, their pipe/servers are very speedy. In the market for a host? I whole-heartedly recommend these guys, the price/performance ratio is absolutely unbeatable.

And so... the experimentation continues...my internet "laboratory" where I'm constantly trying new techniques and technologies right here on "live" data. Don't be surprised if things are broken one minute and working the next, or if a page changes in the same session, that is the nature of my experimentation.

In the midst of this, I actually attempt to provide some useful content. The News page is perhaps the best place to start as it contains a long-running dialog from me to you, a chronicle, if you will, of this site over it's nearly 4 year history. It contains many links to information I've found relevant. The more time I spend on the web, the more I've become committed to making this site 100% W3C standards compliant and thus as equally accessible to all browsers and operating systems as possible. I am slowly working my way through all the pages, I test everything on as many os/machines as I can get my hands on. (although I don't yet own a mac, for the first time since their creation I really want one!) I welcome any contact from you, regarding how this site performs for you.

links to a few of my favorite things...
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